Etsy Open API v3

Welcome to the improved Etsy Open API v3, a REST API that extends support for inventory, sales orders, and shop management on the Etsy platform. These guides support current and future app developers as they build tools to integrate with and automate processes for Etsy shops and customers.

Getting started#

Our updated documentation is divided into a few sections, geared towards different use cases.

Support for Existing Open API Developers#

If your existing app implements Etsy's Open API v2, our migration guide provides instructions and important information to support moving your application to Etsy's Open API v3:


The migration guide assumes you have an existing application and API key registered with Etsy. If you do not, you can register a new app and start using Etsy’s Open API.

Developing a New Open API App#

To develop a new application using Etsy's Open API v3, register your app with Etsy. Registration generates an Etsy App API Key keystring, which you can find in Your Apps and allows you use v3 Open API endpoints. Registered apps start with personal access to our production systems, which permits your app to access only your shop with an Oauth 2.0 Token and anyone can use your app with your permission to work with your Shop.

Personal Access#

By default, all new applications support personal access, which is authenticated read/write access to a shop granted by the owner and controlled by Oauth token scopes. This supports designing access controls for different application users into the app, such as reading data on receipts and billing or creating, editing, and deleting your shop's listings. Personal access is permitted to connect with up to 5 shops.

Commercial Access#

General-purpose applications that can assist any seller manage their shop, not just your shop, require commercial access. To request commercial access, click the "Request Commercial Access" link next to your app in Apps You've Made.


If you're only accessing data from your own shop, you do not need commercial access. To implement Oauth authentication to protect access to your shop, see Authentication.

Etsy reviews requests for commercial access against the following criteria:

  1. Applications and their home pages must comply with our API Terms of Use.
  2. Applications must follow the caching policies identified in Section 1 of the API Terms of Use.
  3. Applications must clearly distinguish themselves from Etsy, as noted in Section 6 of the API Terms of Use. Particularly, the following phrase must appear in a prominent position in your application: "The term 'Etsy' is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This application uses the Etsy API but is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc."
  4. Applications must not sidestep the API to retrieve or post Etsy data. Screen-scraping is not allowed.
  5. Applications that access private member data must use OAuth authentication to do so.
  6. Application names and artwork, including icons and home pages, must follow our Trademark Policy.
  7. Applications with commercial access that use the transaction_r permission scope must request access to the buyer_email field separately. Etsy approves these requests on a case by case basis.

Get Help#

When you need more support, please refer to the resources on our help page.